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Is it OK to use OEM Windows on your own PC? Don’t ask Microsoft

So, to recap: A PC hobbyist or enthusiast who wants to buy a legal copy of Windows 7 at a discount gets confusing and conflicting information from Microsoft’s web site. Microsoft’s own “decision engine” leads him to software he isn’t supposed to use, and even offers extra discounts if he buys through those links. He gets no information from online retailers who will happily take his money for a product he technically isn’t allowed to install. And he gets absolutely wrong answers if he asks at Microsoft’s official help forums.

Is that pathetic, or what?

Uhm, what a mess! (via @longo213)

Firefox 3.7 to replace menu bar with Chrome-like page, tools menus

Firefox 3.7 tools conceptA few months ago the folks at Mozilla released a mockup showing some proposed design changes for Firefox 3.7. Foremost among them was a redesigned navigation area that replaced the traditional menu bar (file, edit, view and so on) with two drop-down menus, one for Page and another for Tools. You know, kind of like Google Chrome has.

Now the Firefox team has released an updated series of mockups that look even more like Google Chrome by placing both the page and tools menus right next to the location bar. This layout saves screen real estate and lets you use a larger portion of the browser window for viewing web pages.

How to make Firefox a usable browser – turn it into a Chrome! Way to go Mozilla team … :))