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Dub FX – beatboxing taken to another level

I stumbled upon Dub FX a while ago on YouTube and almost instantly fell in love with the music he produces. The one man band with looper and effects pedals is producing unbelievable stuff. Never thought, that beatboxers can do this type of songs – always heard those blabbering and “sound effects” stuff without much of a tune.

His 2009 produced albume Everythinks a ripple can be listened and bought on bandzone (btw, pretty cool service for self-production of music – name your price, high quality downloads, nice interface, integration and sharing!), check it out here:

Don’t forget the live recordings Live In The Street from 2007:

Or some of the videos available on YT from talented film maker Ben Dowden

My favorite video is the duet with Mr. Woodnote:

This new one is very nice too: