I love technology in any shape or form. I live online, talk tweets, think bits and do other geeky stuff. All this doesn’t stop me from being good at communicating, community management, and managing social media assets.

I am a skilled writer in both Czech and Slovak (I am a professional author of hundreds of magazine and web articles), and I am very good at writing in English and am fluent in the language.

Photography and good design in general can be described as my hobbies, and I’m considered a computer expert in many areas.

Alter ego of choice

My nickname of choice used to be MadCap, which I discovered in a very old computer game called “Mega Lo Mania“. MadCap was one of the “Gods” in the game and I always lost when not playing under his name. The word itself is an English adjective, unknown to me until a few months ago.

The word Madcap is most often used to describe human personality traits, i.e., impulsiveness, hastiness, recklessness and capriciousness are all applicable. An individual described as a Madcap may appear quite indifferent in regard to dangerous situations and can be seen as a person with a devil-may-care attitude.

(source: Wikipedia)

This definition actually describes part of my personality quite well.

The current or alternate form of MadCap (which is sadly not often available on various online services) is MadCiapka, which is a “Slovakized” version of the original nickname divided into two words – “Mad” and “Cap”. The Slovak word for “Cap”, in this case meaning head cover is “čiapka”. Hence the nickname MadCiapka was born.

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