SWTOR moves 2 million units, 1.7M active users

The force is strong with this one

The firm also announced it sold 2 million units of Bioware’s MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, which currently has 1.7 million daily active subscribers, making it the “fastest growing subscription MMO in history,” according to the firm. EA CEO John Riccitiello noted during the call to investors that 40% of sales for the MMO were through the firm’s Origin service.

EA said the discrepancy between the 2 million units sold of SWTOR and the 1.7 active subscribers is due to the others either haven’t played it yet, or have opted out. Those who are playing have purchased a sub, or are playing on purchased game cards, or are still on the 30-day trial.

Revenue for SWTOR will be announced once the firm has full-year subscription numbers available.

The game has 1 million unique log-ins per day, and each player spends around 4 hours per day playing. Frequent content releases are planned, and as preciously announced, another large update is coming in March.

Plans to reach broader market are in place and are to be announced soon, particularly regarding the Asian markets as well as New Zealand and Australia.