Selling 3 milion iPhones in 23 days is actually not really that impressive

“3 million phones in 23 days – that’s a pretty strong clip, the fastest sales of an Apple phone to date, Mashable reports. If I do the math, that’s more than 130,000 phones a day.

But did anyone in the press notice Google’s little announcement, the day before Apple launched its iPhone 4? This one? The one where Google said, and I quote: ’Every day 160,000 Android-powered devices are activated — that’s nearly two devices every second.’

Yep, that’d be 30K MORE phones a day than Apple. And my guess is that Android’s pace is accelerating, while the iPhone 4 is probably sliding downward, given how many folks bought it at launch (Mashable reports that 1.7 million were sold in first three days, so 1.3 million the next 20 days). In fact, if you do THAT math, and divide 1.3 million by 20 days, you get 65,000 iPhone 4s sold each day, which is nearly 100,000 less, PER DAY, than Android phones.”

I say – go droid. The iOS4 is a major fuck-up for 3G owners – it may help the Android sales even further :)

  • new.chaos

    As a single make/model of a device, none are as successful, iconic or rich with apps as the iPhone. It’s a fact… nobody comes close. Android makes it up the install base gap by spamming the market with phones which leads to hardware capability fragmentation. I have a 3G and yes it lagged a lot until the last update. Bugs happen. My Nexus One epic fails at a lot of rudimentary stuff the iPhone does right. The Android Market is full of trash. So it’s a matter of perspective. I like both phones, and want Android to succeed but it’s got a ways to go.