Wrong way of solving problems by @wakemate /cc @jasonkincaid

This e-mail contains a comment no longer present in article about “first units shipping” from wakemate. The solution of someone responsible for their blog was obviously a delete button. WTF guys? I agree with the comment – you are gettin into a full of shit status and this approach (deleting instead of solving) is not going to take you anywhere. What a shame :(

EDIT: new post on a new blog http://blog.wakemate.com/2010/04/26/questions-answered/ does some explaining about the issues … 

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Product is seeming more and more like vaporware. So, units have shipped to mysterious people who bought it before you even had a website? If so, what software are they using? You’ve not released an app to the Apple App Store as of yet.

Secondly, and even more an indication of BS -> you couldn’t spare a unit or two for blog review sites?? If you really had a production product that has already been shipped, you’d be completely moronic to not send it to Gizmodo/Engadget/etc at the same time (or prior) – yet there are no postings for your product.

Logically this tells that says you don’t really have a product that has actually shipped – or at “best” you’ve shipped a crappy product, not ready to be reviewed, to some friends/investors (lucky them).



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  • Dušan Šimonovič

    OMG, @wakemate even deleted their FB page … it used to be here – http://is.gd/bDUGg now there is only a group of half angry almost customers …