Polish Air Force T154 at Smolensk impacted trees on first approach

Polish officials confirmed, that the airplane was on its first approach to the Air Base, when it impacted the trees. Three flights were to land at the Air Base in that period of time: the first was a Yakovlev YAK-40 carrying journalists accompanying Poland’s president, which made a safe landing. The second was a Russian Ilyushin IL-76, which diverted after two unsuccessful approaches. The third was the presidential Tupolev TU-154M.

Interesting fact – no multiple approaches, crashed on first landing approach. The plane was supposedly without any technical problems – so what the fuck went that horribly wrong to cause this kind of crash and destruction? R.I.P. to all victims.

  • Jan Dobrovský

    Zajímavé, že to zjistili až po 24 hodinách. Na řízení provozu v LNX to určitě museli vědět už od včerejšího rána.