Geeks on a Plane (GOAP) Prague events report

It’s always good when we can learn something from the “mecca” of IT industry – Silicon Valley, and we got our chance this Monday (28.9.) thx to Geeks on a Plane events hosted in Prague. Series of 3 events started in awesome space of DOX (Centre for Conterporary art) with Startonomics and continued in Hergertova Cihelna with Startup2startup dinner and Ignite. Short program of the events is available on eventbrite.

The talks at Startonomics were highlight for me – especially Startup Metrics and tips about pitching a VC by Dave McClure. Jan Horna talk was called Welcome in Czechoslovakia. Any startups here? and showed the hard side of entrepreneurship in our region. Read his blog post for more insights.

Startup2startup followed by Ignite was nice opportunity to talk, gather contacts and enjoy the beer, wine and food. I liked the Ignite as a concept and the talks in Prague were good – sadly, most of them were from our US guests, only two were local (if you consider Jeffrey Martin from 360cities a local guy). The first one was about Politics 2.0 from Dan Franc and it was inspiring – sadly, the presentation itself is kinda useless without the talk. I hope, that local community will get together for more Ignite events in the future (thx to Brady Forrest for doing Ignite worldwide).

Last but not least – huge THANK YOU should go to Jack DeNeut for organization part of this event (don’t forget to check his work at local search site called Nelso) and generous local sponsors – travel blogging system and tool for “mobilizing” websites And of course all the hosts and organizers from GOAP.

Few of my snapshots from the event – all of them free to use with attribution

  • Jan Horna

    A nice photo report :)

  • PragueBob

    The photos aren't bad at all, and it's truly rare that someone takes one of me that doesn't immediately make me want to commit seppuku. Well, one out of the two really isn't so bad… :-)