Posterous and WordPress blog useful coexistence

As a full time journalist in the past I have never blogged regularly (you can’t write some more to relax from writing 😉 ), but always had some sort of a homepage. Now I ‘am a heavy Twitter user (@madciapka) and don’t really blog that often, but still want to maintain some sort of a homepage in a shape of a self hosted blog. Why? I want to own my content a be able to do with it whatever I want.

Recently I began using Posterous ( as a great tool for posting photos from my iBrick and sharing online content with my friends on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. I love the simplicity, the easy autoposting and versatility. But there is a little problem – I would like to share the stuff I post through Posterous on this blog too, but the current form of autoposting is not really a good way (IMHO) because it splits the possible conversation to two places.

I would love to have the possibility to post just a headlines to this blog with redirects to the Posterous (sort of a style of John Gruber linking from his blog).


Just like this example I made using the Quick Page/Post Redirect plugin for WordPress. It’s a 302 redirect to the shared stuff on my Posterous.


It doesn’t look that fancy in RSS feed of this blog – it should have a short summary or at least a notice, it’s a Posterous post (probably in the heading itself to make it absolutely clear for everyone).

The outcome of this babbling should be a question – is it possible to somehow automate this? It could be a new feature for Posterous – some switch for WordPress (or any other blog) autoposting. Heck, is probably even better for them because I give them more traffic this way. The other way is importing the RSS feed of my Posterous to WordPress, but I did not found a plugin or some other hack to do this (any suggestions?).

  • Jan Horna

    Importing RSS into WordPress: go to WP admin area, Design > Widgets and add “RSS”. Customize the headline etc. Is this what you wanted?

  • MadCiapka

    No, because I want permanent entries propagated to RSS feed – not just
    a sidebar listing.